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Odor Punching Bautista

There are some people who are pretty happy about this. These people are mostly Texas Rangers fans, or people from Texas in general. 

'Odor punched Bautista! Screw that guy! He shouldn't have flipped his bat!'

Shouldn't have flipped his bat LAST YEAR? People have to go back and watch that game. Did Odor punch Andrus when he dropped those two easy outs? Maybe if he Odor would have smoked Andrus after he dropped the first one he wouldn't have dropped the second.

'Hey, Andrus!'

'Look, Odor I apo.... JESUS! Right in the teeth!'

'You're not gonna drop the next one are you?'

'... No sir.'

Andrus makes those plays, Bautista never gets up.

And for a second let's talk about Texas last year. Dyson, the hero that he is, tapped Tulo on the ass when he struck him out. Is there no unwritten rule on that? There's no, 'Hey, pitcher, if you strike a guy out don't go over and gloat in HIS FACE' rule? NONE? No, it would have been SUPER COOL with Texas if Price had struck out Beltre then went up and tapped his pockets. They would have LOVED that. 

ALSO, I'm not sure who this pitcher for Texas was, I want to say Holland but I could be wrong, but one of these dominant forces of sportsmanship was warming up in the bullpen. A Toronto fan dropped their play off towel and it floated beside this level headed individual. He picks it up, looks at the fan, and fake wipes his ass with it! Then throws it on the ground! This was a game or two BEFORE the bat flip. Now, if that there isn't reason enough to THROW A BAT IN THE AIR AFTER CRUSHING A HOMERUN AND DRIVING HOME THREE, not sure what is. 

Bautista talked at length after that game, saying the bat flip wasn't directed at Texas. It was an in the moment thing. And, after how insane that game was, it was perfect. Wasn't AT anybody.

So this year, in the last game of their series, Texas, still angry at Bautista, decide to 'get even.' They hit him with the ball and walk him. When he runs for second, he takes out Odor so that he can't make the double play to first. Odor pushes him, then smashes him in the face. Hero. Just a full hero. Taking out the second baseman has happened many times in baseball. Happened many times even by the good doctor ODOR HIMSELF. Was HE punched in the face? No. But, fine. 

Look! There's that hero! Doing EXACTLY what Bautista did. He's great! No punchings. 

Texas fans say 'Bautista got ROCKED! He lost that battle!' Now, the man DID get rocked. That punch was huge. Bautista said so when interviewed after. He said 'He got me good, I have to admit. But I guess it takes a bigger man than that to knock me down.' WHY did he say that? Because BAUTISTA DIDN'T FALL DOWN. Man was ROCKED in the jaw, and did not fall. Texas fans seem to think that doesn't matter.

'But he got ROCKED! Look at the punch!' 

Yeah. Look at it. Keep watching the video. Bautista does not fall, and is held by Beltre (who I like) while Odor is grabbed by a bunch of people. Kevin Pilar runs down from center field just swinging. But Bautista, does not fall. Which DOES STAND FOR SOMETHING. ANYwhere else it would. Boxing match, UFC fight. Brawl between two angry men outside of a bar. If a man outside of a bar ROCKED another man and that other man DIDN'T FALL, people around would go 'Woa. HOW did that man NOT fall?' For Texas fans though, that doesn't matter.

And, that's fine. Keep your non baseball baseball highlights. Get it on t-shirts. Reply Odor punching Bautista a thousand times and stop it directly after so you don't see Bautista catch his balance. Remember though that more people were knocked over by Bautista's bat flip then Odors punch.