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Not everyone is good. This is fact.

People always say, "Find the good in everyone." Sounds amazing! Sounds as if there is good in everyone to find! But in reality, there just isn't. Period. Still, though, "Find the good in everyone!" People who say that should be karate-kicked.
"Oh, god! You... knocked the.... wind out of.... me. But... you're probably a... good guy."

It started in school. Teachers would say that to students when a bully would push them around.
"Look, he just likes lunch money and punching you in the face. But if somehow you can look beyond your bloody nose and see through those black eyes, maybe you'll find that he actually has some good in him."
Find the good in him?! Well, where to start!? He has some good punches in him. I'm not a boxing coach, I don't care about that!
"Hey, look, bully. If you drop your shoulder you could knock me out in half the time."
"Shut up, loser!"
"You're right. Who am I? Please, though, not my face. I have a crush on Jessica and we walk home toge... I wish I wouldn't have said that."

Parents, guidance counselors, Oprah. Everyone says "find the good in everyone". In everyone? Why do I have to listen to some racist idiot rant for an hour about how terrible black people are, only to find out that he is good at the spoons?
"Man, I didn't agree with his views on black people, but the spoons?! Geez, he plays the hell out of those! I've never teared up over cutlery before, but wow! I'll never eat cereal the same way again."

When people say, "Find the good in everyone," it sounds as though even when someone rubs you the wrong way, you are supposed to stand there and go,
"All right. This person has spit on me while talking, they stand too close, and they smell awful, but god. I'm sure they'll stop talking about Jersey Shore and say something interesting any day now."

What I should say is that not everyone is good for you. Everyone is good for someone. People even liked Jeffery Dahmer. They wouldn't tell you now, but they did. "Ol’ J.D. Dahmer Dog? Nope, never trusted him." Even that racist, spoon-playing man would have friends. But they are other racists.
"Hey, do you think tonight at the rally you could play the spoons? Of course, after we burn their church. If I hear even one spoon before that, I'll snap!"

It's supposed to be taken as, "We are all the same." Yes, this is true. We are all the same. We all want to be happy, have friends, and enjoy what we do with our lives. The thing is, though, some people don't do anything good to get those things. Some people will stab GOOD PEOPLE in the back to get those things. So what is to be said then?
"Man, you lied to my girlfriend so that you could get with her. Wow. How could you do that?! I suppose, though, we are the same. Well, I'm single now and you have my girl, but other than that we are the same. I see the good in you. God, I'm sad. And you're not. But you have the ability to get sad, so you're good."

People say "find the good in everyone" because they are scared to not like people. That's all that it is. We have been taught now that you shouldn't not like people. Just ridiculous. Ellen has almost made it so that saying, "I really don't like that person," is a federal crime.
"Man, I don't like that guy."
"What did I do?"
"You don't know, perp? You broke one of the Ellen laws, everyone must be liked! Now make love to that sidewalk, dis-liker! MAKE LOVE TO IT!"

I like just about everyone. I love meeting new people. I do not, though, like everyone. There are some people I don't want to talk to, don't want to hang out with, and I'm sure there are some who feel that way about me. I don't base my feelings towards anyone on the first few minutes of meeting them, but I will say, ANYONE who tells me they read Perez Hilton? There's no time for these people to me. You've made it impossible to find the good.
"Okay, Mr. Macintosh, you were in a really nasty accident. Your arm was broken in three places, but we'll have it set in a minute."
"Ugh... thanks."
"No problem, it's my job. Just like it's Perez Hilton’s job to make fun of talented people. He kills me! You ever check out his website? ...Wait, you can't just leave! We haven't finished!"
"I'll fix my own arm! Goodbye, Dr. Like-a-Hilton!"
"Wait, you can't! Your arm is... ya know, that really isn't a clever name. "Doctor Like-a-Hilton? Perez could do better than that."

Also, there's not enough time to find the good in everyone! Does anyone who says that know how long that would take? To find the good in everyone all the time?
"Excuse me. You just walked through a door I was holding open and didn't say thank you."
"Yeah, so I'm wondering if we can go to lunch so I can try to see some good in you?"
"Go to hell!"
"Okay, now we're looking at dinner too. We'll start tonight?"

The good in some people is when they walk away. Girls at clubs are good at understanding this.
"Hey, I'm a little drunk right now and don't know what to say to you, but I'm a good person and would like to talk to you."
"What? You'd like to talk to me? What's that code for? Cut my head off and put it in a duffel bag?! GET AWAY FROM ME CREEP!... Huh, he walks away fast. That's good."