Nathan Macintosh

Album 'To The Point' out now everywhere! 8 Tracks. 21 minutes. Debuted #1 on Canadian iTunes and #12 on American iTunes!

Website for comedian Nathan Macintosh! Seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Conan on TBS and Just For Laughs!

You can find show dates, Videos, Blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Podcast 'Positive Anger'

For bookings contact:

Don Buchwald And Associates:

New York Office

Conan Smith: (212) 867-1200

McDonalds Breakfast and McDonalds Fights - Filmed live for AXStv "Gotham Comedy Live" 2013

Swearing at Kids - Halifax Comedy Fest 2012- Set featured on front page of Click on picture to see.

Just For Laughs Set 2012 - Alcohol Is Not Your Friend